Susan is the resident encourager here at SusanScott.org and the founder of LifeWorks Ministries.  As a personal coach and as a mom, her job has always been to help others see and develop the potential within them.  She is dedicated to equipping  woman to uncover their unique gifts and discover how to live the life they were meant to live. Whether you need help starting a new business, want to help your children to see their unique gifts, ready to re-evaluate your life’s course, or just need an encouraging word, she’s here to help.  Susan was in the corporate world for 12 years, has been in her own business,  home schooled two children and written about all of it.

Susan was married in 1983 to her best friend and they’ve been happily hitched ever since. They have two children, one of whom was homeschooled right through to high school graduation and is now a state certified EMT. The younger is still schooled at home and keeps Susan on her toes with his energy and inquisitive nature. They live a very relaxed country life and on random days Susan and the family can be found biking or skiing, hiking or kayaking.

We were all created for a purpose and have the potential within us to fulfill that purpose. It is when that potential goes unused, when our life never quite gets on the right path, that we feel discontented and frustrated with ourselves, our lives, and the people around us.  Are you ready to get on your right path? Then you are in the right place!

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Uncovering the Gifts Within Us