Becoming a Small Business Woman

Being self employed requires a new paradigm, or way of thinking. It requires a willingness to change. Just starting a business, does not make you successful women entrepreneur. It takes a new mindset. Many businesses fail because women with great dreams, good ideas, and a willingness to work, lack one thing: a business owners perspective of the world.

We don’t start life as business people, we start as consumers. The vast majority of us did not grow up in a home with someone who owned their own business. We know nothing about marketing, customer service, the long hours involved, dealing with government rules and regulations or even about capitalism in general.

When I first started in business back in the early 90’s , I resisted changing my way of thinking for a long time and wanted to do things my way. Consequently I wasn’t very successful, or as Dr. Phil is fond of saying: “how’s that workin’ for you?” It wasn’t!

The truth is, you have to find someone who has not only the success you want, but the lifestyle, too. Then copy what they did when they started out. It takes humility and, as I pointed out before, a willingness to change.

There is an old saying: “Where you will be in 5 years is determined by the books you read and the people you associate with.” Successful business people hang around with people more successful than themselves and they read about successful businesses. Here’s a few suggestions of good reading to help develop a business mindset:

Made in America – Sam Walton,
The Creative Memories Way – Cheryl Lightle,
Eat More Chiken: Inspire More People – S. Truett Cathy,
The Mary Kay Way – Mary Kay Ash.

Doing the same thing over and over only insures things stay the same.  A willingness to step out, learn new skills and attitudes, sets the stage for success. It doesn’t “feel” right or comfortable, in fact it can be downright unsettling. You’ll make mistakes and you’ll get discouraged. That’s the time to keep going. No one, in any of those books I mentioned earlier, had success given to them. They earned it with hard work, persistance, and an attitude that says “I’m going to learn from my mistakes and do better tomorrow because my dreams are worth it.” Yours are too.

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