Selling Premade Scrapbooks

For the scrapbook artist who wants to sell crafts online, selling premade scrapbooks can be the perfect answer. There is a growing market for premade scrapbooks, premade scrapbook pages and even specialty albums like baby and wedding albums.

Scrapbooking has become a huge industry, topping 3 billion in sales last year. While retail sales have leveled off, the industry is by no means dying. Some of the big players are closing up shop because profits are no longer in the multi millions of dollars. This means a perfect opportunity for a smaller, more flexible, and specialized business to step up and fill in the gap.

More and more people are searching the internet for premade scrapbooks, layouts, and albums. This is the ideal time for a home based business. A home crafts business selling custom scrapbooks can be started with little cash upfront, no expensive home party kits to buy and the opportunities are limitless.

People have discovered the beauty and artistry of a custom scrapbook, but have difficulty finding the time to create them. The scrapbook artist can work directly with a customer to create a custom scrapbook or make individual layouts to sell for the customer to fill with their own photos. Specialty items like cards, mini albums and themed paper goods are the perfect compliment to round out a product line.

The digital scrapbook artist can fill a niche that is hungry for scrapbooking graphics, papers, premade layouts, fonts and templates.

Skill in teaching and sharing techniques can be converted into how-to videos posted online, one on one classes or workshops at a local community center.

A talented scrapbook artist, or someone who is willing to learn, can have a successful home business. Using niche marketing and search engine optimization, it is possible to target specific markets with very little competition. Whether the business is online or not, understanding niche marketing and what people are looking for will give any business an edge. It doesn’t even take a degree in web site design. If an online business is desired, it can be done quickly using premade web templates, joining an online store, or choosing one of many other options.

There’s no better time to start looking at the possibilities. Because I’ve had so many people asking about how to get a business started on line and all the specifics to getting a web site up and running, I’ve created a free 7 part mini class to answer many of those questions. It gives an overview of the steps to getting started online and some great how-to tips on things like:

*what business is right for you

* how to find your target market

* how to find time for your own business

* choosing a web host, and domain name

* avoid the most common mistakes

It’s written with scrapbook artists in mind, but the information is the same for anyone interested in how to get started online. Click here and see what it’s all about:

Click here and sign up for a free, no obligation mini course
Click here and sign up for a free, no obligation mini course

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