Welcome to LifeWorks Ministries

This is the home of Life Works Ministries. Our mission is to help you discover the truth of who you really are in Christ, what He created you to be, and your unique and special purpose on this earth. We are not meant to live as the world lives; to struggle with insecurities and uncertainty. God has provided all we need to live a victorious, successful, and purpose-filled life.

Life Works

The Map

Life Works is a three part vision. Part one is The Map. Life Works the way it was intended to when we make the Bible our guide book. By learning its promises, listening to its truth and living by its instructions, we will be equipped to overcome the obstacles along our journey.

The Path

Part two is The Path, our Life’s Work. What path are we meant to follow? Each of us has been uniquely gifted to fulfill a specific calling on this earth. Too often the world has stepped in and planted a defining label on us that deflects and distracts us from our true purpose. By uncovering, understanding and embracing what is special about ourselves we can begin the journey toward a life that works!

The Tools

Part three is The Tools. Where the rubber meets the road: our Life’s Work. This section puts it all together and provides the tools we need to navigate our way. There are articles, audios and videos, free downloads, organizers, goal setting helps and more.

Welcome to LifeWorks and may you be blessed, encouraged and inspired as you explore all we offer.

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Uncovering the Gifts Within Us